VLTA, pronounced vol-tah, is an environmentally responsible company producing jewellery that houses fragrance. From concept to creation, sampling to full-scale production, the entire process is handmade in London, UK. All metals used come from 100% recycled resources and all semiprecious gemstones are ethically sourced.



The founders, Matt Pril and Irene-Marie Seelig are creative professionals with a genuine appreciation for minimal, multifunctional design [the root of sustainability].  These native Californians both come from very different professional backgrounds with each having their own unique skill set.  Last Fall 2014,  they fused together as one creative team to reach extraordinary results.

Matt and Irene have acquired global knowledge in design, emerging technology and sustainability from the Art Center College of Design, University of San Diego and London College of Fashion. As a collective, Matt and Irene's professional work includes scalable loss wax, metal casting and fabrication, furniture design, accessory design and manufacturing, marketing, business development and sustainability.

We design with our customer in mind.

VLTA is a gift for you and the environment.